Scaling a company, while exciting, is tougher than it looks. Many companies face roadblocks when they try to grow bigger. Imagine building a tall tower – the higher it goes, the more challenges you face. Similarly, businesses find it hard to keep their quality consistent, make everyone work together, and stick to their main plan as they get bigger. It’s like trying to juggle more balls in the air. These difficulties, combined with the changing things customers want, make growing smoothly a real puzzle. 

The Pattni-Dossani Group enables individuals and businesses to maximise their potential by solving the problems which are inhibiting their growth. With the problem identified, our customers engage us to implement short, medium, or long-term solutions as per their own strategic preferences.

ISO Certification

ISO 27001 and ISO 9001 are special tools that help companies grow bigger and better. Imagine you’re building a strong castle. ISO 27001 is like a security guard that keeps all your important information safe from bad people. It helps you protect secrets and important data, which makes customers trust you more.

On the other hand, ISO 9001 is like a master organizer. It helps you make sure everything in your castle works perfectly. From how you make things to how you talk to customers, ISO 9001 helps you do it all the best way. So, with these tools, your castle (company) becomes strong, safe, and organized – making it easier to grow and succeed.

Pattni-Dossani Consulting offers a wraparound service where we understand the context of your organisation in order to create and implement management systems to help you achieve and maintain these certifications.


In addressing the challenge of inadequate or absent internet connectivity, particularly in office setups or remote locations, cellular connectivity emerges as a pragmatic remedy. This technology provides a reliable and versatile alternative, seamlessly bridging the gap left by unreliable traditional internet services. 

By harnessing cellular networks, offices and remote operations can ensure uninterrupted access to online resources, effective communication channels, and essential cloud-based applications. This redundancy not only safeguards against productivity disruptions arising from internet outages but also underscores the adaptability of modern business frameworks to effectively navigate connectivity constraints.

Optimus Gurus are experienced in providing bespoke cellular solutions configured for your office for uninterrupted connectivity.


Bookkeeping stands as a cornerstone in the journey of business growth, playing a crucial role in its expansion and prosperity. With meticulous record-keeping of financial transactions, bookkeeping provides a clear and organised snapshot of the company’s financial landscape. 

This accurate documentation not only helps in tracking income and expenses but also enables informed decision-making. By analyzing these records, businesses can identify trends, pinpoint areas for cost-saving, and make strategic investments. Essentially, bookkeeping serves as a reliable compass, guiding businesses toward sound financial management, efficient resource allocation, and the sustainable growth they aspire to achieve.

Pattni-Dossani Managed Services assists your business with setting up your business and managing your bookkeeping and maintaining regulatory business compliance.

Case Studies

Property Management

A property management firm with many individual units spread across the unit, being used as AirBNB rentals needed a reliable and easy to manage connectivity solution. 

The locations were spread over the UK and required managing from a central location. 

Optimus Gurus were trusted with providing cellular modems with central management and aggregated SIM contracts for simple management. 


A wellness firm who was well established but were eager to expand to larger customers and organisations. 

To help achieve their growth, they wanted to achieve ISO 27001 certification, but lacked the in-house resources to develop an Information Security Management System (ISMS). 

PD Consulting were contracted to develop and implement an efficient ISMS to help them achieve their certification. 

Surgical Implants

An implant and instrument manufacturing company who were well established in their home markets and now wished to expand internationally. 

To aid them in their expansion they required procedures and standardisation to guide the team tasked with this growth.

PD Consulting took over the management of the sales team and created the processes to standardise the operations of the growing team. 


A medium sized e-commerce business which had grown rapidly during the COVID-19 period. This growth meant they soon outgrew their spreadsheet based business tracking.

PD Managed Services worked with them to create standard operating procedures which can manage their new scale and took one their regular needs for bookkeeping so that they have a better understanding of their finances.

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